"The camera is the least important element in photography.” 
-Julius Shulman

Brian grew up, went to college, and got right to work. “A Straightaway Photographer.” He started taking documentary assignments all over the world, working for International Justice Mission, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, and other, less-recognizable organizations. He wrote notes over breakfast in France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico. Meanwhile, in the States, Brian worked weddings. He photographed exactly ninety-nine of these before his own wedding in June 2013. He now focuses on weddings, commercial work and travel.

You would like Brian. He shoots with film. He is tactile, from the hand to the chamber to the darkroom. He eats salted eggs before sunrise. He is meticulous, serious, warm. He remembers that children love candy and fathers love firm handshakes. He reads, he hums, he talks to strangers. He doesn’t lose focus. He prefers paper to computers. He thinks of art as critical to the human experience. He knows how ridiculous that sounds. But he means it.

He lives and works with his wif
e Johanna, in Long Beach, California.

Bio written by my friend and poet Walker Pfost, because that's what he does. Portraits taken by Angi Welsch.